Tag: streetstyle

Photographer: Santos Awogbemi (insta: @shots_by_sanirro) Model & Make Up: Rahlia Wadud @ Bame Models (insta: @goldenrahrah) Stylist/Creative Direction: Laisa Ahmed (insta: @visualili)  
  Photographer: Sora Kusaka - (Insta: @sorrrr_k) Model: Kosuke Kuroyanagi - Jungle Angency (Insta: @k_kuroyanagi) Hair & Make up: Masaki Yoshinaka (Insta: @mayoshinaka) Stylist: Iori Yamaki (Insta: @Yamakiiori)
  Photographer: Santos Awogbemi Model: Shameela @ Elliott Brown Agency Stylist/Creative Direction: Laisa Ahmed
Techwear is no longer just about layering polyester garments, waterproof fanny bags and military-style web-belts - the whole bunch of futuristic ashy-black fit gear might just be evolving and dominating the start of this year's street scene. Not only is it dominating because of the styles durability and adaptability to...