A Germany-based architecture company have revealed some images which illustrate their next project, referred to as the unique wellness spa hotel and resort located in the following areas: the Bavarian Forest, Black Forest & Upper Harz, in the low mountainous areas of Germany.

Aimed to attract wealthy, high-income and health-conscious people from metropolitan regions as well as Europe, this spa is to uplift those in their 35-70s. Shaped as a cube, this resort is located specifically in such a location since the aim of this design and resort is to promote wellness, nature and health and the architectural structure implements impressive sustainable energy concepts, and in order to attain sustainable results, the architects will use wood, natural stone and glass which will cause minimal damage to nature that surrounds the cubes. Not only is this design focused on the environmental factors, it also displays the connection between well being and nature and the fact that this resort provides a unique experiential service for those looking to retreat.


Images via Behance