Techwear is no longer just about layering polyester garments, waterproof fanny bags and military-style web-belts – the whole bunch of futuristic ashy-black fit gear might just be evolving and dominating the start of this year’s street scene.

Not only is it dominating because of the styles durability and adaptability to the UK’s painfully cold temperatures right now, but nothing beats a simple all black comfy fit. Urban techwear utilizes materials to allow clothing to be more adaptable, breathable and locomotive. Making your everyday outwear extra comfortable, so it’s no surprise seeing more brands utilize water repellent materials this season,┬ádefinitely keep an eye out for an upgraded raincoat or windbreaker.

Already on the scene at LFWM this week we saw outfits full with ashy black and smokey grey toned jackets and waist bags. ACW’s Samuel Ross “polythene” optic label was seen as well as Vetements essentials.

As for footwear, sneakers complete an outfit. Ankle length Y3s are always a Techwear option but the rise in minimalist techwear means nothing can go wrong with finishing off a look with a pair of triple black flyknit vapourmax’s. Not only do they complete a techwear look, but compliment almost any sub street style.

What would your stepped up 2018 techwear look be?




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